The Omer Yembe Memorial Medical Center

We believe that quality healthcare is a fundamental human right.

The facility was opened on June 1st 2015. It is is an outpatient department, which includes a patient reception area and 2 consultation rooms. Patients who present to the clinic are evaluated by the nurse on duty and treatment administered or dispensed to the patient based on a availability.

Multiple treatment algorithms and nurse – led treatment and community health education protocols with incentives have been set up.

Primary care physicians and specialists in the US form a group of physician volunteers for virtual consultation.

The most common health conditions treated include: Hypertension, diabetes, respiratory infections, minor injuries, bowel and bladder infection, fever, joint pains, and other primary care conditions.

There is no ambulance service in this entire area which has a population of about 10,000 people. Our goal is to provide an ambulance service for the sickest patients, for transportation to the closest major hospital which is about 100 miles away.

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