The Water Project

Project Description

“The health consequences of poor water, sanitation and hygiene services are enormous. I can think of no other environmental determinant that causes such profound, debilitating, and dehumanizing misery…. Speaking as a health professional, I am deeply concerned that many health care facilities still lack access to even basic water, sanitation, and hand-washing facilities, and I have committed WHO to support partners to overcome this problem.”

Margaret Chan, WHO Director General

According to the World Health Organization, the implications of poor water supply for health are severe! The Omer Yembe Memorial medical center frequently the first and only point of care for the poorest people in the area.  Our health care workers in are unable to carry out proper infection prevention and control measures which are especially important in controlling and stopping outbreaks if highly infectious diseases.

We are desperately in need of a reliable water supply. Our nurse has to fetch water, which is usually unsafe and untreated and greatly compromises our standards of care.

Safe & Reliable water Changes Lives. You make it possible. Join us in bringing safe clean water to the Omer Yembe Memorial Medical Center.

Project Details

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